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About Me

Damien specializes in results focused massage modalities from Swedish, Elite Lomi Lomi, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone therapy, Sports massage and specialty therapies such as Trigger Point therapy, KT Taping and A.R.T. Active Release Techniques, to name a few.  In addition to performing massages on clients, Mr. Cameron has held managerial positions in numerous salon and spas.
He is also a decorated professional who has received multiple honors, including ,  Lifetime Fitness coveted "Artistry Award" for being ranked #1 among-st 1,500 massage therapy colleges and he is often the recipient of stellar customer reviews.  Cameron's Alma mater, Baltimore School of Massage (now Cortiva Institute), highly recommends his services to spas and salons looking for skilled and experienced massage therapists.

Mr. Cameron has demonstrated that the magic of a wonderful spa experience is not only what he does with his hands, but in how he creates an atmosphere of peace and tranquility for all his guests. To put it plainly, he was born to be a massage therapist. He is always in pursuit of new opportunities that will allow him to continue to showcase his talent, managerial skills and business acumen. He is currently working writing on a book, bring his innovative inventions to market as well as designing a training program for spa industry professionals.

Maryland Massages Therapy

Cameron Damien 

Elite Massage Therapist

Creator of Elite Lomi Lomi Contemporary Massage.

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My Approach

Thank you for visiting Maryland Massages website. It is my mission to delivery a high quality professional massage experience.  Our promise is to use all of his expertise to give you a RESULTS focused outcome from your massage session.

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