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Elite Lomi Lomi


Elite Lomi Lomi

Elite Lomi Lomi is a contemporary interpretation of the traditional Hawian Lomi Lomi style. There are many benefits of Elite Lomi Lomi because it encompasses various massage technique such as Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue and Myofascial Release Techniques. Gentle stretches and joint rotations are common in this massage, as is the massage therapist massaging two parts of the body at same time, for example using one hand or forearm on your shoulder while simultaneously massaging a hip with the other hand or forearm. Massaging different area of the body simultaneously creates muscles confusion, promotes quicker relaxation of tight muscles, harmony and balance in your body. 


Elite Lomi Lomi focuses on using consistent firm pressure during massage that helps improve circulation, release blocked energy by breaking neuro-physical and neuro-emotional patterns that we hold on to because of "muscle memory," and our body reads as stress causing muscle to be over used.  All Elite Lomi Lomi practitioner share in a few fundamentals traits of understanding:

Professionalism: Elite Lomi Lomi massage therapists display a high standard of professionalism. They have excellent interpersonal skills and must be able to create rapport with a client, this is an essential ingredient in assisting their clients  prior to a massage session and during the session. They also are very attuned to the environment in which they work and use a variety of means to ensure a relaxing atmosphere, including dim lighting, Aroma-therapeutic scents and music. 

Elite Lomi Lomi Massage Therapist have confidence in their therapeutic abilities. By focusing on a results oriented therapeutic outcome for their client, they become more empowered and that, in turn allows them to more effectively empower their clients  to achieve their over all therapeutic goals. 


Knowledge of Proper Technique: Elite Lomi Lomi massage therapist learn (IBR) Intuitive Body Reading℠. This training teaches massage therapists to listen to what our clients say, but also taking into consideration equally what the clients body is telling us. For example, a client may request a deep tissue massage. That does not mean they want extremely deep tissue nor may the clients muscles allow for such deep work, so Elite Lomi Lomi therapist would acknolwedge the request but would apply pressure in the methodical way to give the client the best theraputic outcome.


 Elite Lomi Lomi massage therapist knowledge continuously evolves from client to client because no clients body is the same, thus the massage therapist intuitive applications of the contemporary Lomi Lomi style is customized to fit the therapeutic needs of each client specifically versus taking a cookie cutter approach to each client. Elite Lomi Lomi massage therapist have a broad knowledge of Kinesiology, Physiology, Myofascial Release Techniques, Sports Massage and Relaxation response modalities. By using the fundamentals of traditional Hawaiian Lomi Lomi techniques as our foundation, Elite Lomi Lomi massage therapist are also able to incorporate an array of massage modalities into a massage session. 

Manual Dexterity: Is the ability to make coordinated hand and finger movements, to grasp and manipulate objects. Manual dexterity includes muscular, skeletal, and neurological functions to produce small, precise movements. Development of these skills occurs over time.


Elite Lomi Lomi massage therapist have excellent manual dexterity, they also have a good deal of physical stamina required to be able to perform complicated maneuvers. Our primary focus is the induction of parasympathetic dominance, and our secondary focus is on muscle release, muscle activation, connective tissue release and fluid circulation. This serve as the foundation for determining which manipulative intervention will best benefit our guest/clients.  

Sense of Empathy: Elite Lomi Lomi massage therapist has a strong sense of empathy and strives to use their Contemporary Elite Lomi Lomi massage techniques to help improve a client's well-being. They focused solely on the client and is able to tune out all other distractions during a massage. They are committed to providing an enjoyable service to their clients. Elite Lomi Lomi massage therapist work on the mind, body and soul, the therapist hands are like a sacred instrument that gives allows our clients to experience consistent results focused massage therapy.

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