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Seated Massage

What is Seated Massage?


Seated massage or chair massage is a dry massage delivered in an ergonomically designed massage chair. These chairs support your body weight allowing you to fully relax, whilst providing the therapist access to neck, shoulders, back, arms and even legs if needed.  Chair massage is popular for office workers as they can have a treatment in their break or on the way to or from work. No need to undress or worry about oil or getting changed. 

If you would like a seated massage at your workplace please go here.

Headaches? Neck tension? Knots and Stress?


Many of us are time starved and on a budget, yet we still suffer tension headaches, neck pain and aching shoulders. Endless hours at the computer, driving and looking at mobiles takes it toll. Seated massage to the rescue!

Benefits of Seated Massage – Chair massage is excellent for:

  • Headaches including tension headaches

  • Neck pain, shoulder and upper back pain

  • Knots

  • Arm & wrist pain

  • Stress & anxiety

  • Neck & shoulder pain in pregnancy

  • When you are short on time or budget but still need relief

  • If you want to provide massage in your workplace or event massage


Is chair massage a Remedial treatment?

Yes chair massage is a remedial treatment as our therapists all hold minimum of Diploma of Remedial Massage. We perform an assessment and treat the pain and dysfunction. Your therapist will use a mix of remedial and deep tissue techniques to relieve pain and tension. These techniques include stretching, trigger point, activated MFR, positional release and MET. Just because you are seated and having a shorter treatment doesn’t mean that it will not be effective. We can achieve a lot in a short time with a focused seated massage treatment. 


How long can treatments be?

15 minute chair massage is the minimum and best suited to just one to two areas for best results. You can also have 20 or 30 minute chair massage. We suggest the 30 min chair massage if this is your first treatment with us. This provides us with time to fully understand your needs.


How do I book a seated massage?

You can book online or if you are unable to find a time, please call 3003 0801. We may be able to fit you in even if the schedule does not show availability.

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